Why should you tolerate troubles of dry skin, if you can look luxurious?

Effective for dry skin of feet, hands, body, also calluses and cracks

The system of three types of cream-foam Glatte will make your skin soft like a baby's with regular use!

You can forget about dry skin problems, if you regularly use a simple and safe cosmetic for skin hydration Glatte.

Glatte is a modern gift for the home SPA!

Only 5 minutes a day and you will see the effect! Glatte works even when you sleep!

The proved effect of Glatte formula:
  • — moisturizes the skin
  • — accelerates the deliverance from dry, dead skin cells
  • — helps to soft the skin
  • — protects against calluses and cracks.

Jewelled combination of components «natural moisturizing factor of the skin» developed by German manufacturers within a decade – is a patented formula of Glatte.

It is indispensable for the protection against the skin deterioration, and if your feet becomes too dry and rough.

Therefore Glatte can be used against the skin dryness in all cases, even against psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and diabetes. This is not a treatment of symptoms. Skin moisturizing effects on the reason!

Efficiency of Glatte for moisturizing of dry skin is confirmed by famous Czech dermatologists.



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