Cream for atopic - active care without hormones a smell

You can make your skin more relaxed due to effective moisture. Here you will read about the innovative cream Glatte for skin care with atopic dermatitis.
Top German quality of cream-foam Glatte makes it very easy to use!

Medications eliminate symptoms moisturizer affects reasons ...

If you have been diagnosed with atopic dermatites, then you know how it looks dry skin with this disease and what it brings inconveniences: itching, irritation or stress. Those problems concern the whole body skin, hands and feet. This obviously has a negative impact on the workload, quality of sleep and mood. Treatment of atopic dermatitis is associated with a change in eating habits, improving liver function and bowel and strengthening immunity. For topical treatment, dermatologists often prescribe hormonal ointment. But the "gold standard" is mix of drugs and always also skin hydration! 

And the reason for that is that really good skin condition is only possible if there are enough special substances preserving moisture in skin cells. The scales of the upper layer of the skin are no longer alive. They normally peel separately and the skin is thus renewed. They are connected by NMF—Natural Moisturizing Factor molecules. And they «come» to the epidermis from deeper layers. Amino acids, minerals, carbamide, lactic acid salts, glycerin are parts of the natural moisturizing factor.
All of this is normally generated in our bodies!

But the mechanism often fails and then the skin is growing old practically before your eyes, it becomes dull, flaccid, tight, thick, dry, fissures appear on it which eventually lead to infection risk. And this is very-very unpleasant as well!
Is it possible to restore the moisture content in your skin and help it to return to normal condition, look young, smooth and taken care of? Certainly it is. But it is necessary to return enough NMF—Natural Moisturizing Factor components to epidermis for that.

That’s the reason carbamide, lactic acid salts and glycerin are included in Glatte cream-mousse. If you body stopped generating enough of them for your skin for some time, we can return them there with a special cream the effect of which is based on scientific knowledge.

Start using Glatte in November.

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What do they say famous dermatologists about cream Glatte Daily 10%

Our expert is prof. MD. Petr Arenberger, MD., MBA, Chairman of University Dermatology Foundation and one of the most famous European dermatologists, performed a test cream Glatte Daily 10%.

Testing was attended outpatient and hospital patients of Prof. MD. Petra Arenberger who have agreed to use the cream for 30 days and who were treated with various dermatological problems and at the same time also had a concurrent somatic pathology.

Evaluation of patients testing the foam cream Glatte Daily  10%:

80% of patients rated as sunscreen cream with a strong and long-lasting effect on skin condition. They were satisfied with the hydration effect, ease of use and accessibility, they expressed a desire to continue to use sunscreen Glatte at regular skin care and also in the case of atopic eczema and psoriasis.

The faster you get rid of dry skin, the less you will worry about itching and tendency to cracking. This means that this will reduce the probability of increasing the area of ​​irritated skin. You'll be less scratching at problem areas and also these parts will not be irritated by contact with water or clothing.

The actual moisturizer Glatte is not medicine and does not contain hormones, antimicrobial ingredients, but act on the causes of negative symptoms of atopic eczema - cares for skin hydration.

Glatte is made as cream-mousse. It is graded “excellent” for stable contents in the course of all its shelf life till expiry date and the maximum comfort of use for dry skin, irritated skin, inflamed dry skin including after sunbathing, in cases of dermatitis. 


You use now fatty creams every day? You can use a more comfortable solution!

You every day leaving discomfort by itching and dry skin, cracked on hands ... 

Than, the usual cream, wich advised by dermatologist - is very fat and after use It requires to long waiting until it will be absorbed.
It realy uncomfortable!

The cream-foam Glatte Daily 10% saves you a lot of time. He is absorbed in seconds. Because he is not greasy and has a structure of soft foam.

Additionally, this ideal German quality moisturizing cream for atopic dermatitis, meaning that it does not contain coloring agents, preservatives, odorless.

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