VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. present Glatte cream-mousse on the European market

VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. is a Czech company with its head office in the historical center of the famous Karlovy Vary resort.

Glatte  is the company’s registered trademark.

The philosophy of VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. is always to be well informed about innovations in the field of cosmetology and natural health care means, but at the same time always remember traditions, family values and attract the best professionals in its field for creation and promotion of new products useful to people.

VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. is a family company, because of that it values its reputation. And it is not just talk!

The company owners have been working together for many dozens of years. For example, our office manager who answers your calls, our highly qualified lawyer are also related.

The development director of VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. is the author of 10 books on natural medicine, a nutritionist, specialist in thermal resort treatment arrangement, representative of the World Thermal Therapy Organization in the Czech Republic.

You will not see professional models in our advertisements. We invited common people who tried Glatte and agreed to tell about it.

Because of that when we started looking for a manufacturer capable to create an ideal cream-mousse for dry skin, we also applied to a family company, which shared their secrets of efficiency with us and provides the outstanding German quality of Glatte for you today!

VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. offers maximum quality guarantees to our clients

We are so sure of Glatte that we can offer an expanded guarantee of refunding of payment if its quality does not satisfy you.

More details on refunding policy

Glatte formula tested in Germany and demonstrated its safety and efficiency. But for our clients’ peace of mind we conducted an additional safety test in the well-known Dr. Shotola’s Laboratory in the city of Kromeriz (the city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), efficiency test with the help of Professor Petr Arenberger University Dermatologic Foundation (he is one of the leading European dermatologists and the President of the Czech Dermatologic Society) and client satisfaction test for the most demanding clients who are used to the highest quality.

VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. offers the most advantageous operation terms to our partners

We decided in the very beginning that we’ll stake not only on well-known pharmacy chains but also on private pharmacies, healthy natural products stores, resort hotels where the owners and personnel know their clients by sight.

There is a special section on our Website for bigger advantages for our partners, where visitors can see not only the list of pharmacies and shops but buy Glatte as well.

In the «Partners» section there are working hours, layouts for driving up and pictures and even a story of our partners, special offers which you can present to your clients. We are ready to post your news on our Website.

We offer the most comfortable wholesale prices to our partners to order goods depending on the amounts and the country of shipment. You can get even more advantageous terms after each order.

We offer the luxury cream for a conventional price. Customers usually like it and because of that it is easy and pleasant with it! Start working with us today and you’ll see that we know how to be grateful to those who love Glatte as we do!

Let’s help people together to rid themselves of the dry skin problem!

Send your inquiry and get an advantageous offer to start working with Glatte!

We offer Glatte all over the world!

VIS Pharmaceutical s.r.o. is open for cooperation with partners not with standing the country.

At present Glatte is represented with partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Russia.

You can make an order via Internet shop to any country

And it is very possible that it is your potential clients who are ordering Glatte on our Website now. Join us!

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