What is carbamide and why is it necessary for your skin’s moisturizing?

Carbamide is an absolutely natural substance for your skin — the main active component of Glatte cream-mousse.

It is the final product in the chain of proteins’ changes in your body. Carbamide is literally «a part of the skin», but there may be a situation where there is not enough of it — then the skin becomes coarse, itches or cracks, corns appear.

The carbamide level is always reduced when a person is aging, and more often in cases of wrong diet, skin’s overdrying when a person is suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Carbamide is used in cosmetology in accordance with the world classification as an effective moisturizing product and skin’s condition improving product.

And exactly because of that, in order to be convinced of its benefit in real life, we tested Glatte in cases when the skin problem is associated with its dryness — in cases of corns, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus.

What is carbamide useful for?

Carbamide has low molecule mass and is easily diluted in water, which helps it to penetrate the skin and not only the upper layer of epidermis, but deeper layers of it as well and stay there. It does not only keep liquid in the skin but serves as a conductor for other active substances in cosmetics.

Were there no carbamide in human skin, it would have dried at once!

Because carbamide keeps liquid in it and helps epidermis cells to suck in vapours from the air. As this substance is 100% close to the skin, it is very low allergic.

Skin with normal liquid level: It looks much younger than dry skin; It has a lower infection risk; It is better protected from fungus; In case of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis moisturized skin worries less.

Glatte with carbamide keeps liquid in the skin which allows skin cells to regenerate under normal conditions and improves its condition. This is a scientific fact! Carbamide always works.

How safe it is to use carbamide?

The substance has been acknowledged 100% safe in Europe and the USA. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) conducted DNA influence tests as for carbamide and the risk of its carcinogenic effect and came to the conclusion in the “Final Report on Safety Evaluation” that it is safe (US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health Int J Toxicol. 2005; 24 Suppl 3:1-56.).

A cosmetic product microbiological safety test was conducted by us in Dr. Shotola’s Laboratory in Kromĕříž. This laboratory is one of the most well-known in the Czech Republic. The result of the test is100% skin safety. If it is important for you: we guarantee that we certainly did not conduct any tests on animals.

Carbamide creams are prescribed as additional creams with moisturizing effect by dermatologists in the Czech Republic and other countries.

Additional components which strengthen carbamide effect in Glatte cream-mousse are Avocado oil with nourishing and regeneration effect on your skin Shea butter seed oil which improves the skin’s condition

Thus it is clear now why the combination of carbamide, natural to the skin, and other Glatte components provides phenomenal moisturizing effect and helps dry skin to transform into soft, smooth and delicate skin like a baby’s during a short period of time!

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