Which Glatte is better for you?

The cream-foam Glatt gives you the opportunity to get a great skin care and great pleasant of using in the price of conventional cream

- dry skin on his hands

- skin dryness from water

- after tanning

- the solid skin on the feet, including the cracks and caluses,

- dry skin after depilation

- xerosis and for sensitive skine in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes.

Glatte Extra Strong 15% - luxury foot care, to prolong the effect of a pedicure, also in the case when the skin is already having problems with cracks and calluses.

Glatte Daily 10% - transformation of dry skin into soft and delicate and moisturizing in cases of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

Glatte Body 5% - keep your skin perfectly soft every day: on the palms - despite the homework, on their foot- after depilation, on their feet after walking, on the body - after the swimming pool, sunbathing on holiday by the sea.

Glatte Extra Strong 15% - in the presence of calluses for a month and then regularly Glatte Daily 10%, as support for the ideal state

Glatte Daily 10%- for fast recovery moistened with dermatitis and then Glatte Body 5%  for skin remains hydrated.

Glatte Extra Strong 15% dry skin on the feet of 30 days, if you have varicose veins or diabetes, and further Glatte Body 5%, to protect the skin from cracking

Any Glatte cream-foam:

- provides the feeling of skin’s comfort from the first day of application

- pleasant to use: soft and delicate

- easily absorbed, without leaving traces

- does not contain smell, flavouring agents, parabens

- very low allergic

- economically efficient

The idea of Glatte complex care is very simple and convenient to use:

Do your corns on either your hands or feet bother you, is your skin very coarse and susceptible to fissures? Use Glatte Extra Strong 15% cream-mousse twice a day.

Apply a small amount of mousse, the size of a walnut, to problematic areas, rub it in your skin as if you are massaging it.

There is no need to wash it off. Glatte will be fully absorbed within a couple of minutes.

It will work during the day and even when you are asleep. The course of application is about 14 days. Some other creams promise to rid you of corns in three days but that is not exactly true.

It’s better to give one’s skin some time for natural rejuvenation. Certainly if you use delicate mechanical peeling together with Glatte, one day will be enough for fantastic transformation of your feet into well taken care of and smooth ones. But do not use scissors. The more you cut dry skin, the deeper painful corns can grow in. Wait a little and allow Glatte to solve the problem safely.

Do you suffer from diabetes mellitus with dry skin areas appearing on your feet? In order not to risk infection’s penetration through skin fissures, use phenomenal moisturizing by Glatte Extra Strong 15%.

And when your skin rids of corns, help it to remain soft and well-taken care of by Glatte Body 5%.

Does dry skin on your hands, feet, elbows bother you? And you may even have atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, don’t you? - Glatte Daily 10% will allow you to feel the phenomenal moisturizing effect and skin relief quickly. Use it twice a day. It is not necessary to rub the mousse in strongly. It is easily absorbed and does not leave traces.

You constantly feel discomfort due to dry skin on the hands, legs, body? Maybe you have a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis?

Use as an active moisturizer cream foam Glatte Deily 10%. This moisturizing creams prescribed by dermatologists as the best means of taking care of dry skin. It is generally known that skin hydration is in addition to the treatment relieves atopic dermatitis and eczema. The only question is what cream nicer and easier to use. In our opinion, Glatte most pleasant and convenient to use. In addition, it is very economical for daily use.

Do you go to a swimming pool or sunbathe actively? Or you may be going for a vacation on a sea shore, aren’t you?

Take Glatte Body 5% cream-mousse with you to take care of your body. And your skin will be radiant notwithstanding the sun, salt water and even the drying effect of chlorinated water in a swimming-pool. 

Perhaps this is the best hand cream, for palm subject to cracking

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