How to remove dryness from your skin? Which cream is better for dry skin?

The best cream for dry skin is always the one that will eliminate the cause of liquid loss and will not just camouflage the signs. This is evident!
Because of that let’s see what is going on inside and then it will become clear how it is really possible to help your dry skin!

Why do dry skin areas appear? More water — more dryness...

It seems that the easiest thing to do is to pour more water on your skin and it will be moisturized! But it is completely different in practice. The more often we wash, the more moisture is lost from the upper layer of the skin — epidermis. You do not believe that, do you? Watch it! Sensitive people’s skin becomes dry in 100% of cases after taking a shower or swimming in a swimming-pool. This water effect is so evident that dermatologists always recommend to apply cream after contact with water in case of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

And the reason for that is that really good skin condition is only possible if there are enough special substances preserving moisture in skin cells. The scales of the upper layer of the skin are no longer alive. They normally peel separately and the skin is thus renewed. They are connected by NMF—Natural Moisturizing Factor molecules. And they «come» to the epidermis from deeper layers. Amino acids, minerals, carbamide, lactic acid salts, glycerin are parts of the natural moisturizing factor.
All of this is normally generated in our bodies!

But the mechanism often fails and then the skin is growing old practically before your eyes, it becomes dull, flaccid, tight, thick, dry, fissures appear on it which eventually lead to infection risk. And this is very-very unpleasant as well!
Is it possible to restore the moisture content in your skin and help it to return to normal condition, look young, smooth and taken care of? Certainly it is. But it is necessary to return enough NMF—Natural Moisturizing Factor components to epidermis for that.

That’s the reason carbamide, lactic acid salts and glycerin are included in Glatte cream-mousse. If you body stopped generating enough of them for your skin for some time, we can return them there with a special cream the effect of which is based on scientific knowledge.

What is better: dry skin lotion, dry skin cream or mousse?

Would you like to fill in all your pores with heavy and oily dry skin cream? It’s doubtful that you expect exactly that from your cosmetics! Dry skin is usually susceptible to irritation and inflammation. So why would you add extra oil to it? It is known that fats are easily oxidized and thus they negatively change the skin’s acid-base balance. This is not good!

Dry skin lotions are more delicate than cream. But it is not easy to preserve the active components’ stability in them from the technical point of view. As soon as you open a bottle or a tube, air gets in and the process of chemical decay starts. This is the reason why we often see products in beauty shops which do not look uniform when applied. Oops!
But cream-mousse is under pressure in a container. And no air can get in either when it is stored, or when it is used. And mousse is so delicate that is absorbed within seconds, without leaving either oily traces, or unpleasant feelings. You feel the moisturizing effect at once in case of dry skin mousses.

Because of that Glatte is made as cream-mousse. It is graded “excellent” for stable contents in the course of all its shelf life till expiry date and the maximum comfort of use for dry skin, irritated skin, inflamed dry skin including after sunbathing, in cases of psoriasis, dermatitis, diabetes.


Glatte is an easy way for quick moisturizing of extra dry skin

So, restoration of the number of substances included in NMF—Natural Moisturizing Factor is fairly possible. You will feel the moisturizing effect on the first day with Glatter extra dry skin cream-mousse.

As you see, Glatte suits you both when you want to take care of your skin’s health and when you just want to look heavenly.

Glatte is safe and useful for men and women with dry skin no matter the age.

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