The test results of the foam cream Glatte in EU

Glatte cream foam testing was conducted by Dermatological university foundation,

Head - Prof. Petr Arenberger, MD, MBA. Czech Republic, Prague 2015

Furthermore, you can get acquainted with the most important elements of the report, prepared under the guidance of one of the most famous European dermatologists:

Objective and performance of test

The purpose of the testing was to determine the extent to which people who have the problem of dry skin, and also some types of pathology, can improve the subjective state of your skin and improve quality of life through a series of foam creams Glatte.

Testing was attended by patients Prof. Peter Arenberger, MD., agreed to use the cream for 30 days, and who are ambulatory or constitutionally treated with various dermatological problems and also had other concomitant somatic pathology. Selection of participants test reflects typical sex and age structure of the adult population of the big city.

Test the creams did not include children, pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with acute illness.

Testing was attended by 30 persons. 10 persons - used Glatte 5%, 10 persons - Glatte 10% and 10 persons - Glatte 15%.

After testing was conducted with each participant routine consultation, during which they were evaluated by subjective sensations while using the cream and was performed a visual assessment of the skin condition.

Reviews of patients testing the foam cream Glatte 5%
90% (9 people) rated as cream lotion with a positive effect on the skin and easily spreadable.

Reviews of patients testing the foam cream Glatte 10%
80% (8 people) rated as cream cream with significant and long-lasting effects on skin condition. Were satisfied with moisturizing effect, ease of use and economics, expressed their desire to continue to use sunscreen GLAT as a regular skin care products, and also in cases of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Reviews of patients testing the foam cream Glatte 5%
90% (9 people) appreciated the positive effect of hydration of dry skin leg and evaluated using the cream GLAT easy and economical, of which 7 people experienced a significant reduction in the growth rate of rough skin, thereby facilitating cosmetic foot care, 2 persons recorded caving pain associated with cracks and prolonged hyperkeratosis.


During the test Dermatological university foundation paid attention to  urgency of the problem of hydration dry skin, including dry skin of people with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes, prone to cracking, the formation of calluses, dry skin, serving as a gateway to a variety of infections.

It is important to use such forms of cosmetic products which would not only provide reliable and fast moisturizing and keratolytic effect, but also have a low allergenic potential, ease of use that would facilitate individuals and patients with regular use.

According to experts of the Foundation, as well as test subjects creamy foam Glatte has all these features and meets the requirements of modern moisturizer.

In particular, it is noted that the form of production enables to solve the problem of stability of the components during the shelf life.

Complying with microbiological parameters cream eliminates contact with the outside environment prior to application.

Currently in dermatology generally accepted view that the timely and proper skin hydration is an important factor for the effect of the treatment of diseases and conditions such as xerosis skin, atopic dermatitita psoriasis.
Also, skin hydration is an important preventive measure in terms of preventing diabetes complications.
The best-known components of creams with proven hydrating and keratolytic effects are urea, glycerol, vegetable oils and the various forms of lactic acid.

There are many research papers confirming this effect and dermatologists Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and other countries widely prescribed carbamid in addition to moisturizing creams for the treatment.

In our opinion, the use of foam cream Glatte with proven components and a creative approach to the choice of production in the form of foam, justifiable choice for consumers and dermatologists as an everyday means of hydration and care for dry skin, improve skin, including cosmetic problems (calluses, cracked dry skin irritation) and dermatologic problems (dermatosis, xerosis, psoriasis), and dry skin which accompanies a number of diseases (e.g., diabetes mellitus) ... "

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